MT5016S 20 Gauge 1/2-Inch Crown Pneumatic Fine Wire Stapler With Safety Upholstery Stapler


  • Product Description

      1. Easy operate with SAFETY, rubber molded handle and ergonomic gun body design
      2. Industrial-Applications Nailer, powerful nailing, high efficiency
      3. Stronger and more durable striker; Touch-strike security system is safe for the operator
      4. Applications: Furniture, Upholstering, Picture Frames, Decoration, Shoes-Marking ect.
      5. Fastener: meite 20 Guage 50 Series 1/4''--5/8'' (6mm-16mm) Length Staples
      Buy now get 1 box 20 gauge 50 series 1/2'' crown 3/8-inch leg length staples free!

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