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Meite USA is a leading distributor of industrial-grade pneumatic tools and fasteners under the renowned Meite brand. To serve our customers better, we also source a diverse range of products for construction, woodworking, and industrial applications from the best manufacturers worldwide. We have earned a reputation as a trusted supplier in the industry, known for offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

Our extensive product range includes fasteners, nailers, staplers, screwdrivers, spray guns, and cabinet hardwares. These are designed to improve efficiency and productivity for our customers. At Meite USA, we strive to deliver innovative solutions and quality products that meet the needs of professionals across various industries.

NJ Warehouse:

Telephone: 201-933-5888
Fax: 201-933-5889
Email: meiteusa@gdmeite.com
Address: 48 East 6th Street, Paterson, NJ 07524