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Buy now get 1 box 12 Gauge 7/8" X .109" Mechanical Galvanized Smooth Shank Plastic Collated Concrete and Steel Drive Pins (1,000 pcs/box)
Experience the robust force of our air-powered concrete and steel nailer, designed with a comfortable rubber grip for extended use. 
  • Powerful Nailing: Professional-grade standard to ensure powerful nailing and high efficiency of the stapler, saving time and being high efficiency
  • Durable Driver: Makes use of the stronger and more durable driver and bumper which serve for a long time
  • Highlight Design: A versatile 360-degree exhaust deflector for enhanced usability
  • Applications: Wood to steel, concrete, drywall track to steel concrete, concrete furring, etc.
Fastener Specifications:
  • Compatible Nail Sizes: 12 gauge, ranging from 1/2'' to 1'' leg length
  • Length Range: 12mm - 25mm (5/16" - 1")
  • Shank Diameter: 2.6mm - 2.9mm (0.102" - 0.114")
  • Head Diameter: 4.8mm (0.188")
  • Collation Type: Plastic Strip

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