8016B 21 Gauge 1/2-Inch Crown 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch Leg Length Air upholstery stapler power staplers upholstery staple gun


  • Product Description

      1. Bottom Load, Jam Free Magazine
      2. Industrial-Applications stapler, powerful nailing performance
      3. Light Weight, Equipped with a Hammer cap
      4. Large Magazine capacity
      5. Air Pressure: 70-100 psi; Air Inlet: 1/4''NPT
      6. Fasteners: meite 21 Gauge 1/2-Inch Crown (80 Series) 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch Leg Length Staples
      Buy now get 1 box 21 Gauge 1/2-Inch Crown 5/16-Inch Length staples (10000 PCS/box) free!
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