422JL Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler-- 20 Gauge 1/4-Inch Crown 3/8-Inch to 7/8-Inch Long Nose Stapler for Shoe Making


  • Product Description

      1. Easy operate with rubber molded handle and ergonomic gun body design
      2. Industrial-Applications stapler with long nose for easy aiming
      3. High Efficiency, powerful nailing performance
      4. Large Magazine Capacity 100 pcs
      5. Applications in furniture, cabinets, car seats, picture frame, bedding etc.
      6. Air Pressure: 70-100 psi; Air Inlet: 1/4''NPT
      7. Fasteners: meite 20 Gauge 1/4-Inch Crown (J4 Series) 3/8-Inch to 7/8-Inch Leg Length Staples
      Buy now get 1 box 20 Gauge 1/4-Inch Crown (J4 Series) 3/8-Inch staples (5,000 PCS/box) for free!



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