1022JB Upholstery Stapler-- 20 Gauge 7/16-inch Crown 3/8-Inch to 7/8-Inch Fine Wire Stapler


  • Product Description

      1. Light Weight, Bottom Load, Jam Free Magazine 
      2. Well Balanced With Magnesium Body
      3. Large magazine capacity with 100 pcs
      4. Air Pressure: 4-7 kgf/cm²
      5. Professional for sofa, bicycle & motorcycle seat, stapling sheet ect.
      6. Fastener:meite 20 Gauge 10J Series 7/16-Inch crown 3/8-Inch to 7/8-Inch Length staples
      Buy now get 1 box 20 gauge 7/16-Inch Crown or C Crown 1/2-inch leg length staples (5000 PCS) free. 


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