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23 Gauge 3/8" to 2" Length Headless Pins

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23 gauge headless pins available in 3/8" to 2" leg length. Compatible with meite P622, P630C pinner nails, or other brands of 23 gauge pinners/pin nailers.


Fine Chisel Points: The pins nails are relatively thin and sharp chisel points, causing minimal damage when inserted into wood, thus preserving the integrity and easy to hide and giving your handicrafts or artwork a great look.

Smoothly Headless Pins: These headless pin nails are collated flat and smooth surface to help you more accurately and more convenient to push out the nails, adding speed and efficiency to your woodworking tasks.

Copper Plating: Made of high-quality copper plating, not easy to break, with good toughness and sturdy strength, which are smooth and bright on the surface with no easy nail jamming better efficiency for your projects.

Wide Applications: Perfect for intricate woodworking, model making, trim and molding work, and arts and crafts.  These nails offer the least wood splitting and are ideal where a finished appearance is important.

(Please note the compatibility of the staples with the staple gun before purchasing.)


2,000 pcs/Small Pack; 10,000 pcs/BOX

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