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How to Load Nails Properly for Picture Frame Nailer -- Model V1015B - MEITE USA

How to Load Nails Properly for Picture Frame Nailer -- Model V1015B

Are you learning how to use the Meite picture frame nailer — model V1015B? Get the most out of your nail gun - find out how right here. Let's start with loading the tool. 

Before you start, it's crucial that you have the proper nails. The type of nail that your tool takes will vary from model to model, and manufacturer to manufacturer. As for our V1015B, it is compatible with 30 gauge hard wood type V nails at 10.3mm width and size from 7-15 mm, click the compatible nails to learn more information about the nails.

Once you have the correct nails, it is time to load them. Most nailers come in either a top or bottom loading variation. The V1015B also loads nails in the bottom. Before loading, be sure to disconnect the air supply and keep the nailer pointed away from you at all times - as you should for any firing tool. 

First of all, take out the nail propellent to load the nails you need. Insert the adjuster ruler into the card slots according to the length of your nails. It offers four different card slots-- 0.28''(7mm), 0.4''(10mm), 0.47''(12mm), 0.59''(15mm) to fit nails of different length. Then put the nail propellent back.

Secondly, it's time to load your nails into the nail gun. Please be careful to the direction of loading nails. The side of the V-nails with glue should be facing out and V-shaped should be facing the muzzle of the nail gun when loading the V-nail. After the nails have been loaded, slide the magazine rail forward, towards the muzzle, until it locks into place.

Last but not least, push both retainers in from the rear and tighten the papilionaceous screws they carry. So that keeps the tool’s balance and places stable. Now you are ready to connect your air supply and test fire. Please always keep your tool pointed down when not in use. And aim the nail gun at the nailing area before putting your finger on the trigger.

To better facilitate the loading process, here's a video of the procedure for your reference.
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