SOLARY IR2+S4 110V Infrared Paint Curing Lamp with Stand

IR2+S4 110V


  • Product Overview

      • Baking features as IR2 illustration, S4 (stand) is a very good partner for IR2 light

      • IR2 light can be adjusted high and low, and turn to any directions after holding in the stand

      • Hold and tight IR2 light easily, and fix any angle you need

      • The timer with pre-heat and full baking function

      • It can supply power for IR2 light

      • With pre-heating fuction; all the components are in Europe and USA standard

      • With 3'' caster and 1.5-meter stainless post

      • Baking area 0.6m ×0.7m, which is bigger than IR1+S3

      • Please take photos as proofs if there is any problems of the package or machine when you receive and open the machine. We will ask a claim from the shipping company UPS or FeDex for damage. Thanks for your cooperation.

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