(Buy 1 get 1 free) MT-W201-1313C paint spray gun 1.3mm Nozzle central cup gravity type spraying gun with precise atomization for car paint


  • Product Description

      1. HIGH VOLUME SPRAY GUN: High volume low pressure trigger-activated air spray gun for water based
      2. PRECISION SPRAYING: Includes 600cc PVC Cup, 1.30 mm spray nozzle and easy-to-read gauge for consistent coverage
      3. The nozzles and needles are heat-treated materials, which are in high hardness, abrasion resistance and can prolong service life, easy to clean.
      4. Spray Air Pressure:0.24 Mpa/ 2.5 bar/ 36 psi; Spraying Distance:180-200mm
      5. Ideal for mid-viscosity of paint (primer) and adhesives spraying.
      6. Buy one get one free, so you will get 2 pieces at $169.00
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